Fee Structure 2019



The Willows Nursery School is a fee paying school.  School fees are payable in advance. Aftercare accounts are payable at the end of the month.

EFT payments are preferable; please use your child’s name and surname as a reference for payments and send notification of payment to our email address, i.e. accounts@thewillows-school.co.za.>

A full term’s written notice is required when withdrawing your child from the Willows, or otherwise one term’s fees in lieu thereof.  You remain liable for the school fees during the notice period.

Please note that it is school policy to withhold reports on overdue accounts.

Fees have been scaled to provide a saving if paying in advance per term (~2.6%) or per annum (~6.3%).  Please notify the office as to how you will be paying your account so that you can be invoiced accordingly. Should the child leave the School prior to the completion of the 4 month term period or 12 month annum period, then the discount already applied for the previous months will be forfeited, and the full monthly school fee will be applied retrospectively, and the balance refunded to the parent.

The increase of school fees for 2019 are between 6 and 7%.  The co-curricular activities of Sport, Music, Drama and Zulu are included in the Primary fees, and Music and Drama are included in the Nursery fee.

Fee structure


Per month: x 12

Per term: x 3

Per year x 1

Nursery school

R3 800.00

R14 600.00

R41 900.00

Primary school


R16 200.00

R47 500.00

To be paid by

5th of the month

16th Jan, 3 7th May & 10th Sep

16th January

  • Administration annual fee: R680.00 to be paid by ALL pupils before January 30th
  • Registration fee: R1,000 .00 non-refundable to be paid by NEW pupils upon enrolment
  • Security deposit: R3,800.00 for Nursery and R4,300.00 for Primary to be paid by NEW pupils by January 30th. This fee will be credited to your child’s account in the final term provided you comply with the term’s notification period and there are no monies owing on your school account.

Aftercare fees

Regular rate – R1030 per month payable for 10 months of the year.

Daily rate:


1.00 pm – 3.00 pm

1.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Fee per day



Children will be booked into and charged for aftercare from 1.10 pm onwards. There is a grace period of 10 minutes at 1.00pm and 3.00pm before you are charged for the additional fee.  After 5pm there is a penalty fee of R100 per hour or part thereof. Aftercare is invoiced at the end of the month.